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Pizza au feu du bois
Make your own Pizza au Feu du Bois!

The caretakers of chateau Coty can assist you to have a pizza evening, baked in the ancient wood fire oven from the chateau. Bon appetit!

You will buy all the ingredients, (and possibly have them delivered to the chateau).

The Caretakers can assist you with everything you want. You can choose;
– Have them prepare everything, and have it displayed on the tables so you can compose your pizza to your own taste and composition! After, they can bake them.
– Have a pizza workshop, where you will learn how to make a bottom from a dough ball. No rolling, only work with the hands to have a fluffy pizza bottom!
– Clean up yourself, or let the caretakers take care of everything.

The fee for the help of the caretaker(s) is 15 euros per person, per hour.