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Flowers, bouquets, and decorations

Flowers are always a good idea

If you like flowers, you’re lucky! One of the caretakers of Chateau Montjoi is a professional florist. Here you can easily order bouquets and decorations, to add more color to your stay.

Table decoration, room decoration, birthday bouquets, and all flower arrangements for weddings can be made by Malin. 

All flower arrangements are made with local, organic flowers. This means that the kind of flowers in the bouquets will vary, depending on which flowers are available at that moment. We don’t support flowers that are grown on an industrial scale with the use of chemicals, then transported by airplane. The flowers used for the bouquets are homegrown or wild.

All flower arrangements are made on order. It can be discussed with Malin what the possibilities are. You can give your preferences for flowers and colors. See the contact form at the bottom of this page.


You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy flowers! Surprise your guests with pretty bouquets in the common area’s or in their rooms.

Romantic bed or bath decoration

Includes basket of fresh rose leaves for a romantic bath. The rose leaves can also be spread on a bed of choice for a romantic welcome surprise.

Table decoration

Bottle bouquets

Get cute little bottle bouquets for decorating the dinging table. These little bouquets are great for giving the dining table extra charm, at a low price point.

Candle decoration

Give the dining table a romantic atmosphere with decorated candles. A variety of candles in pots, and long candles with flower decorations can be ordered, giving a beautiful vintage effect.

Floral table runner

Stunning floral table runners, for if you really want to have the Wow effect!

Floral table runners can be made with different greens and flowers, depending on your preferences.

Wedding bouquets

For all the different wedding flower arrangements, have a look at our wedding page. Malin can make a garland, a bride bouquet, pins and all other wedding flower arrangements from local, organic (wild) flowers.

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Malin Gaertner

Please contact me on WhatsApp: +33 757 425 297.