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Booking and reserving

First, send us a message to ask if your preferred period is available, go to Contact

If the period is available, and you need some time to discuss with the rest of the party, you can place a free option.
We will make sure you are the first one able to book this period. We will keep the option for a maximum of 14 days.

If you decide to book the period, we will make the contract. You will have to sign the contract and return it with a copy of your passport (the booking terms and conditions apply from the moment you confirm you want to book)

The payment details are as follows:
– Holding fee: 40% of the total rental fee, has to be paid within 14 days after the contract has been made.
– Rest of the rental fee 60%: paid at least 2 months before arrival
– Deposit: € 1000,-  paid in cash or cheque on arrival

Yes, there is a holding fee of 40%.

The payment details are as follows:
– Holding fee: 40% of the rental fee, has to be paid within 14 days after the contract has been made.
– Rest of the rental fee 60%: paid at least 2 months before arrival
– Deposit: € 1000,-  paid in cash or cheque on arrival

Booking Terms and Conditions, Chateau Coty

  1. Definitions

Accommodation: Accommodation described in the booking form.

Accommodation provider: The party who actually provides the booked

accommodation and further arranges services locally, such as key-

holding, cleaning, maintenance, etc., and receives payments payable

locally by the tenant under the agreed booking.

Booking agent: Intermediary that handles the administrative processing

involved in the booking for the letter and takes payment; Chateau Coty

Tenant: the person named on the booking form who makes the booking.

Rent: The total rental amount as mentioned in the booking form.

Booking: The booking of Chateau Coty, as described in the booking form.

Booking form: The contract between tenant and letter.

Letter: Chateau Coty issues the booking and acts as the representative

of the owner.

  1. Scope These Booking Terms and Conditions apply to all booking agreements

between letter and tenant.

  1. Establishment of booking agreement An agreement will be established

subject to these Booking Terms and Conditions as soon as the tenant makes a

booking via the Internet, in writing, by telephone, by e-mail or personally with

the letter or at any other booking agent.

  1. Changes Changes to the booking agreement and deviations from these general

booking conditions will be valid only if agreed in writing between the letter or

booking agent and the tenant. Insofar as changes result in higher or lower costs,

the resulting change to the rent must be agreed by parties in writing.

  1. Payment Bookings can be made via the Internet, in writing, by telephone, by e-

mail or personally with a booking agent. The down payment as mentioned on

the booking form, must be received by the booking agent within 14 days days

after the reservation is made. Not paying on time may result in cancellation of

the booking. The remaining balance must be in the booking agent’s possession

not later than two months in front of the rental date. If these payment terms are

not observed the booking agent is entitled to cancel the booking without having

to refund the payments that have already been made. If bookings are made

within four weeks before the rental period, the rent and any deposit, must be

paid entirely at time of booking. Deposits will be refunded only if the booking

cannot be honoured due to a cause attributable to the letter or booking agent.

  1. Prices Prices are stated per accommodation per month per week or per day.

We do not accept responsibility for typographical errors in the price list or web


  1. Dissolution The agreement will be dissolved (i.e. The booking will be cancelled)

if the tenant fails to satisfy the provisions of clause 5. The deposit will be

forfeited to defray incurred costs and damage, including but not confined to loss

of profits.

  1. Cancellation The tenant may cancel the rental agreement in writing up to 180

days before the start of the rental. If the tenant cancels, the booking agent will

retain the deposit. The tenant will owe the half of the total rental price to the

letter if cancellation occurs within the 180 days preceding the agreed rental.The

tenant will owe the full rental price to the letter if cancellation occurs within the

60 days preceding the agreed rental.

8a. Cancellation due to COVID-19 The tenant may cancel the rental agreement

in writing before the start of the rental if expected that traveling from his home

country to France will not be possible due to governmental COVID-19

restrictions at the time of rental. We will only accept these special conditions on

cancellation if the official governmental website confirms “against all but

essential travel”. The French official website is If a cancellation under these

special conditions is made up to 60 days before the start of the rental, the

booking agent will be under obligation to refund the full deposit already paid. If

a cancellation under these special conditions is made after 60 days before the

start of the rental the booking agent will retain the sum already paid, and the

rental period will be re-scheduled without extra charges for the tenant to

another period within the same price range as the original booking.

  1. Insurances The rent excludes any insurances. It’s the tenant’s own

responsibility to buy a travel insurance.

  1. Liability of letter Under no circumstances whatsoever will the accommodation

provider, booking agent or letter be responsible for any loss or loss of value

and/or damage to property of the tenant and his co-occupants caused by

incorrect use of the rented property. If the tenant incurs damage due to

deficiencies in the rented property, any liability on the part of letter will be

limited to the amount of the rent. Damage resulting from non-fulfillment by the

letter will be subject to the compensation provided for by law. Letter will not be

liable for any other damage.

  1. Liability of tenant A tenant who books accommodation for or jointly on behalf

of other occupants will be jointly and severally liable for the total rent and for

damage caused by acts by him and all others present with him in the rented

accommodation. A booking will be valid for the number of persons stated on the

booking form. The property may not be occupied by more persons than stated

on the booking form. Occupancy by a larger number may result in dissolution of

the booking agreement and loss of the deposit. Payments already made will not

be refunded in such circumstances and the tenant will owe the entire rent. If the

tenant intends to allow more than the permitted number of persons to stay in

the rented accommodation, the tenant must, prior to the rental period, submit a

written request to this effect to the booking agent. The accommodation provider

has the right to refuse such a request or to require an additional surcharge. The

tenant must treat the accommodation according to generally accepted


  1. Deposit The damage deposit is € 1000,- The deposit is payable on the day of

arrival, in cash or by bank transfer. In order to provide the accommodation

provide with the opportunity to check the accommodation properly, the deposit

will be returned on the last day of your stay, if paid in cash. In case of a bank

transfer, not later than fourteen days after the end of the rental. In the event of

damage and/or loss of the rented property, and/or circumstances for which the

tenant is to blame, the total incurred damage will be deducted from the deposit.

In all instances where the costs of damage and/or loss of the rented property or

the damage suffered by the owner and/or accommodation provider exceed the

paid deposit the tenant must immediately pay the excess to the

accommodation provider. All instances of breakage, loss and/or damages must

be reported immediately to the accommodation provider and paid for.

  1. Duration of stay, arrival and departure The arrival time is 17:00 o’clock. On

the day of departure you must vacate the accommodation before 10:00 hrs.

Failure to do so gives the accommodation provider and letter the right to charge

you for damages. You may lose your security deposit as a result. Upon

departure the tenant is expected to leave the accommodation in decent

condition – that is: generally clean. The items in and around the accommodation

should be put back in their original location (as upon arrival). Crockery should

be washed and stored in the appropriate place. The accommodation provider is

authorized to carry out a final check. If the accommodation provider finds that a

number of items have not been returned to their location or if the

accommodation has not been left in generally clean condition he is authorized

to charge the tenant for extra costs.14. Documents Before or upon booking your booking agent will provide you with

the general information you need about the rented property and local area.

  1. Changes and cancellations The booking agent has the right to alter or cancel

the agreed services in any material respect on account of compelling

circumstances. Compelling circumstances mean circumstances of such a nature

that the accommodation provider cannot reasonably be held to further

fulfillment of the agreement. The booking agent may cancel the booking in the

event of force major, war, strikes and natural disasters. In such circumstances

the booking agent will be under obligation to refund any amounts already paid.

The booking agent reserves the right to replace the rented property by an

equivalent property for reasons of quality assurance.

  1. Complaints If you notice a mistake of deficiency at your holiday

accommodation, you should report it to the booking agent or to the caretakers.

This may avoid further inconvenience. If you have serious complaints at the

holiday accommodation, you should immediately inform the booking agent. This

will give the accommodation provider the opportunity to resolve the complaint

sooner. If your complaint was not satisfactorily resolved at the holiday

destination, you must inform the booking agent in writing of your complaint,

providing details, within two weeks of leaving the accommodation, in the

absence of which the complaint will no longer be admissible.

  1. Cleaning costs The mandatory cleaning costs are € 450,-
  2. Bed linen and towels Bed linen and towels are included in the rental price.
  3. Extra facilities You can request a child’s bed and high chair.
  4. Pets Only with the explicit permission of the accommodation provider stated on

the booking confirmation. The accommodation provider may require extra

mandatory final cleaning costs.

  1. Construction work This rental accommodation is a private property that

belong to individual owners. Construction work may in exceptional occasions

occur nearby. This work may be carried out by home owners or contractors and

/ or public institutions, with whom we have no relationship whatsoever and over

whom we cannot exert any control. Neither the accommodation provider, nor

the booking agent, nor letter can be held liable for inconvenience caused by any

construction work not commissioned by the accommodation provider.

  1. Satellite tv There is satellite tv available
  2. Water, electricity and Internet Interruptions to water, electricity supplies

and internet connection are possible to occur. For various reasons local and / or

regional authorities and / or companies may, for various reasons and / or failure

to decide temporary closure and / or reduce distribution. Neither your

accommodation provider nor our organization can be held liable for any

inconvenience or damage incurred through such circumstances.

  1. Power consumption The normal power consumption is included in the rental


  1. Jurisdiction and law Notwithstanding the legal rules governing the jurisdiction

of the civil courts, any dispute arising between supplier and principal or client

will be resolved by a court of law with jurisdiction in the country and region

where the letter is established. For one month after the letter has invoked this

provision in writing, the tenant will have the right to opt for resolution of the

dispute by a civil court with jurisdiction at law or under international treaty. The

letter will consider the address stated by the tenant to be correct until further

notice. Every agreement between landlord and tenant will be subject to the

laws of the country and region where the accommodation is established.

The Check-in time varies, depending if you have a booking of a full week, or a shorter period.

FULL WEEK: Check-in starts at 5 PM on your arrival day, the check-out time is 10:00 AM on your departure day.

It might be possible to arrive earlier or depart later in the low-season, there will be an extra fee.
In the high-season, it won’t be possible to arrive earlier or depart later, as there is a very tight schedule for the changeover day. It might be available outside the high-season, if there’s no other group arriving or departing on the same day as you.

Enquire for the possibilities in April, May, September and October.

SHORTER PERIODS: The check-in time will be at noon,12h00 on the day of arrival, and 15h00 on the day of departure.


Chateau Montjoi is available for 16 till 26 persons, with a maximum of 36 persons.

It’s possible to have an extra 10 people hosted in the chateau on top of the 26. We can provide 10 extra beds

There are 3 baby cots available (and 3 baby chairs)

Beds and rooms

Chateau Coty is available for 16 to 26 people, with a maximum of 36 people.

It’s possible to have an extra 10 people hosted in the chateau on top of the 26. We can provide 10 extra beds

There are 3 baby cots available (and 3 baby chairs)

Chateau ground-floor, sleeps 8: four bedrooms all en-suite.
2 bedrooms with a double king size bed (200 x 180)
and 2 bedrooms with a double bed (140 x 200)
Chateau first-floor, sleeps 13: six bedrooms with 4 bathrooms.
2 en-suite, and the other 2 share a bathroom.
With a total of 6 double king size beds (200 x 180) and one single (90 x 200)
The Pigeonniere sleeps 6: three bedrooms with one shared bathroom.
1 bedroom has a double bed (140 x 200)
the other two bedrooms provide 2 single beds (90 x 200)
Total of king size beds (200 x 180): 8
Total of double beds (140 x 200): 3
Total of single beds (90 x 200): 5
Plus double Sleeping couch in the salon

Yes, it’s possible to have an extra change of bed linen and towels, there will be an extra fee per changed bed or towel.
The clean bed linen and towels on arrival are included in the rental price. If you stay for more than one week, there change after seven days is also included in the rental price.

If you would like us to change bedding and towels during your stay, the prices are; – – Towels small € 2
– Towels big white € 3
– Towels big brown pool-towel € 4
– Linen per bed (double or single) € 10, including making the bed

– Changing all the beds € 160
– Changing all the white towels (not the brown pool towel) € 140

You can also wash some towels, there is a washing machine available.


BY CAR: When you are at the A62 (tollway between Bordeaux and Toulouse), take exit Castelsarresin. It will take around 25 minutes to reach the Chateau from here. The address of Chateau Coty is: 815 Route de Quercy, Lieu dit Cotty, 82400 Montjoi.
Montjoi is located in Tarn et Garonne, department Midy Pyrenees.

BY PLAIN: The closest airport is Toulouse Blagnac (90 km). Furthermore, there are Carcassonne and Bordeaux (200 km), and the small airport of Bergerac (115 km) There are many options available to rent a car at the airport. A taxi from Toulouse will cost around 150 euro

– Taxi Toulouse ITOPUS, speaks English. They provide normal-size taxis, Tesla taxis, and minivans.

Telephone, SMS, or WhatsApp +33675901048,
This is a very professional and reliable taxi we recommend!

If you need a taxi when you’re at the Chateau, or coming from Agen or Moissac train station, see below;
Taxi Agen
Taxi Moissac

Here can you rent a (mini)bus with a driver. The company is located in Agen, 30 km from the chateau.


For catering, there are many different options depending on what you want. It’s possible to hire a personal chef or a caterer “traiteur”.


– Personal Chef Patrice Fontanel

Chef Patricia Richer, this is an example menu for € 50 pp. (speaks English)

Veronique Melloul, Private chef at Agen (30 km)

Personal Chef with original presentation and recipes


Brasserie de la Médiathèque Contact Jonathan Crabie at or +336. Seasonal 3-course menu for € 35pp.

– Les Inspires Traiteur (30 km) See some example menus here; Standard Formula 3 meals per day, Premium Formula

Traiteur Sessolo Bernard (30 km)

L’envie est belle traiteur (Montauban 60 km)


Le petit truck du sud-ouest, regional cuisine. (only 3 km from the chateau)

-Crazy Diamond Truck

Le Ciaotruck pizza and Italian specialities

Des burgers maisons  Burgers

More options



You can order, an pick up your choice of meals at the E.Leclerc traiteur service:

Yes, you are free to use the ancient wood-fired oven at Chateau Coty. There is wood available (you might have to chop it into some smaller pieces)
You can ask for an explanation from one of the caretakers.

Validate your basket and choose the home delivery service “E.Leclerc chez moi”.
This service is billed at 7.90€, available from 50€ or more, per order, for deliveries from 09h30 to 19h00.


Go through the following steps:
Sélectionner mon mode de livraison; E.Leclerc Chez Moi (à domicile)
The address for delivery is (Adresse de livraison)
Libellé de l’adresse: Gite de groupe Chateau Cotty
Adresse: 861 Route de Quercy
Complément d’adresse: Lieu dit Cotty
Code postal: 82400
Ville: Montjoi


Type de logement: Maison
A quel étage êtes-vous ? Rez-de-chaussée
Contact pour le livreur: Malin 07 57 42 52 97
POI’s and Activities

You will find a lot of shops and restaurants on the map, see the location, website and opening hours of all POI’s (Places Of Interest) To go to the map, click HERE

– Restaurants
– Shops/ Supermarkets/ Drive
– Markets

Also, you can find locations in the following categories;
– Sports and Recreation
– Caves / Grottes
– Tourism
– Wine & Cheese tasting / Vineyards and Farms
– Tourist Office
– Tourism – City’s and Villages
– Events

You will find a lot of sports and activities on the map, see the location, website and opening hours of all POI’s (Places Of Interest) To go to the map, click HERE

You’ll find the locations of the following categories;
– Sports and Recreation; tennis, biking, canoeing, golf, horseback riding, zip line ao.
– Caves / Grottes
– Tourism
– Events
– Markets
– Wine & Cheese tasting / Vineyards and Farms
– Tourist Office
– Tourism – City’s and Villages

Other questions

The following household products will be provided for the first days:
– dishwashing detergent
– dishwasher tablets
– toilet paper
– bin bags
After the present products are used, you are responsible for the purchase of these products

The following appliances are available in the kitchen (along with all the tableware, pots and pans needed for a group of 36 persons)
– Coffee: There is a Nespresso and Senseo machine, also there are percolators and filter-coffee machines.
– Beertender
– Table cloths, kitchen towels and tea towels
– Hand mixer
– citrus press

That are available for your use at the Chateau:
– Washing machine
– Iron and board
– Hairdryers
– BBQ; there are two BBQ’s available, one on coals, and one on gas. We will provide the gas, the coals you will have to provide yourself.

There is no airco at the chateau, but it will stay cool if you take care, because of the meter thick walls. That’s ancient airco 😉

If you close the shutters (and windows) at the sun side during daytime, and open the windows during the night, the temperature inside the chateau will stay cool. Especially in the rooms on the ground floor, it will stay really cool like this.

There are fans available in the bedrooms of the Pigeonnaire, as it does tend to get warmer there.

Yes, it’s possible to hire a housekeeper for € 16,50 per hour if you want extra cleaning, dishwashing or other household tasks done.

Please contact us at if you want to do so.

This Chateau has got a few different names, used by different booking agencies. Chateau Cotty, or Coty is the original name, used by the owners. For example the booking agencie Olivers Travels uses the name “Ferme Chateau”